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cell vitality helps the body to repair itself and increases energy

Are You Mineral Deficient?

Vibrant health is our birthright. Our DNA has the perfect blueprint for health, and life knows exactly what to do to sustain itself. All we have to do is supply our body the pure and correctly balanced materials, and our body does the rest. Unfortunately, with the many pollutants in the world today, loss of minerals in the soil, poor food choices suggested to us by advertising, and the stress of our modern pace of life, most of us don't always give our body these pure and balanced materials.

It is certainly true that "we are what we eat", but it's also true that "we are what we absorb". This includes what we absorb from our food, environment, and thoughts. So an infusion of oxygen into our body helps us create healthier blood and more oxygen which means more energy and more efficient detox or elimination. Since oxygen is used up very quickly in many of the body's functions, the infusion of more oxygen stimulates an improvement in energy as well as healing.

Organic complexes are almost non-existent in our food supply due in large part to improper chemical farming methods. Our soils are mineral deficient, and therefore so are the foods grown in the soil. Foods grown in mineral deficient soil are deficient in nutrients as well. Nutrients manufactured by plants are in direct proporation to the mineral content of the soil in which the plants are grown. Therefore, lower mineral content equals lower nutrient content.

Thanks to the extended use of fertilizers and "maximum yield" mass farming methods, the soil in the North American continent has had an average of 85% mineral depletion over the past 100 years -- the worst of any other country in the world.

Deficiency Symptoms

Cramps & tiredness (legs & arms)
Tingling or Numbness
Nausea or Vomiting
Abdominal Cramping, Bloating
Palpitations (irregular heartbeat)
High Blood Pressure
Restlessness and Irritability
Weak, Brittle Nails
Confusion or Memory Loss
Thyroid Hormone Imbalance
Hair Loss
Slow Metabolism
Weakened Immune System

Cell Vitality

Cell Vitality helps the body to repair itself and increases energy. Containing trace minerals and elements, enzymes, and amino acids in ionic form, Cell Vitality provides biologically available nutrients directly to the cells.

Cell Vitality not only provides the right nutrients, it also releases nascent oxygen to destroy harmful toxins and microbial invaders, as well as gently balancing the pH of the cell matrix.

Cell Vitality makes water more hydrating by changing its molecular structure. Although formulated to be used in water, Cell Vitality can be added to other liquids as well.

Ingredients: Ionic sea minerals from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA. Contains no other added ingredients. This product contains over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals in varying trace amounts as found in seawater, including Calcium, Silicon, Selenium, Phosphorus, Iodine, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Molybdenum, Zinc, and Vanadium

  • Mix Cell Vitality with water, juice, Green Vitality, in a smoothie, etc.
  • Begin by taking 10 drops for 3 consecutive days.
    Each day thereafter, increase serving by 10 drops, up to ½ teaspoon (40 drops) daily.
  • Children over age 2: Take 1 drop for every 18 pounds of body weight.
  • Children under age 2: Consult a physician.

Alexandria Brighton is an Aromatherapy formulator, educator, and owner of the Brighton Institute of Botanical Studies with over 30 years of experience in the Ayurvedic Medicine, Aromatherapy, herbal, and natural remedy world.

Alexandria's deeply intuitive nature, spiritual wisdom, and ability to effectively share information set her apart as a cutting-edge formulator and inspiring instructor. Early on, she discovered she had a particular talent for the formulation of synergistic blends for medicinal, emotional, and energetic healing.

She is recognized internationally for her formulations as well as her standards of quality.

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